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Dilaudid, among others, is a centrally acting pain medication of the opioid class. It is made from morphine. Comparatively, hydromorphone is to morphine as hydrocodone is to codeine – it is a hydrogenated ketone thereof.
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Dilaudid is a synthetic opioid analgesic drug that was first introduced in 1960 under the brand name Tavex. Its chemical formula is C17H21NO4S. It is a semi-synthetic derivative of morphine. It is a potent narcotic analgesic that produces euphoric effects similar to those produced by heroin. It is often prescribed for moderate to severe pain.

The side effects of dilaudid may include

nausea, vomiting, constipation, dizziness, dry mouth, headache, sweating, itching, increased heart rate, blurred vision, confusion, hallucinations, anxiety, paranoia, restlessness, insomnia, nightmares, tremors, seizures, muscle twitching, hyperreflexia, tachycardia, hypertension, hypotension, respiratory depression, hypothermia, bradycardia, cardiac arrest, coma, death.

How to use dilaudid:

Take dilaudid orally. Take it at least 30 minutes before meals. Do not take it if you have taken any other medications within 24 hours. If you forget to take your dose, do not take double doses. Do not crush, chew, break, dissolve, or divide the tablets. Swallow them whole. Do not cut, split, or open the capsules. Store it in a cool dark place away from moisture and sunlight. Keep it out of reach of children.

Uses of dilaudid:

Dilaudid relieves mild to moderate pain. It is used to treat acute, chronic, and cancer pain. It is used in combination with other drugs to relieve pain. It is used for short term relief of moderate to severe pain. It is used after surgery to reduce postoperative pain. It is used as a sleep aid. It is used to control symptoms of withdrawal from opiates. It is used to help people quit smoking.

Precautions While Using Dilaudid

While using dilaudid, you should take precautions to avoid overdose. Do not use more than prescribed. Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery until you know how dilaudid affects you. Keep dilaudid out of reach of children.

How Long Does Dilaudid Last?

Dilaudids have a half-life of about 4-6 hours. This means that after taking a dose of dilaudid, you will feel its effect for approximately four to six hours before it begins to wear off.

Where Can I Purchase Dilaudid?

You can purchase dilaudid online at several websites. You can buy dilaudid online from various countries including Canada, Australia, UK, USA, etc.

How Much Does Dilaudid Cost?

The price of dilaudid varies depending on the dosage and the country where you live. The average cost of dilaudid is $20-$30 per pill. However, some pills may cost up to $100.

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