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There are several different ways to buy psychedelic drugs online. You can purchase LSD online from vendors who sell the substance as blotter paper. Blotter paper is a thin sheet of paper coated with LSD crystals. Users cut off small pieces of the paper and place them under their tongue.

You can also buy LSD online from vendors who offer capsules containing pure LSD. Capsules are simply tiny plastic vials filled with liquid LSD. To use a capsule, you would swallow it whole.

Another way to buy psychedelic drugs online is to buy LSD online from vendors offering tablets. Tablets are solid forms of LSD that look like ordinary prescription medications. You would crush a tablet and snort it or smoke it.

Finally, you can buy psychedelic drugs online from vendors selling powders. Powders are simply ground-up versions of LSD. You would mix the powder with water and drink the mixture.

If you want to buy psychedelic drugs online, make sure you know what you are getting. Always read product descriptions carefully before buying. Also, don’t buy drugs from unknown sellers. If you do decide to buy psychedelic drugs online from a vendor, always check out reviews about the seller.



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